Friday, May 8, 2009

Social Issue: Smoking

The message I want to give out from my documentary about smoking would be the effects to your body from it, and how it has affected millions of people. I will interview one or two people about there smoking habit and a doctor that deals with people that have cancer from smoking. Also I will have small clips of effects of there body, some have lost fingers and some have wholes in there throat. I want people to show the bad in smoking, and show them it can kill.

Friday, February 6, 2009

poerty response B.M

Chankara Troupe

In this poem Chankara speaks about her sister, how she always has a lie to say when her boyfriend beats her. When she says, "She sparkles like sugar" it's because maybe her eyes got teary and looked sparkly under the the kitchen light. You can tell that Chankara's sister wants to get away but is afraid of being alone and maybe he might hit her even more if she leaves him. She must feel helpless of her life from what hes putting her though, and Chankara knows all the lies her sister says, she knows the truth. The message in the story is to not let you're self be abused and taken over by some one because "bruised love" is not real love.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

poerty response B.M

Open Mike
by: Tyrone Bittings

The character in the poem feels like theres no hope for him, and thinks he has no future and is lucky enough to live to age twenty-one. I've learned that I shouldn't put myself down, because if i have something good going for me i should continue working on it until it gets better.
What inferences can you make about this poem? In the poem it tells about how the area where they live in is, and it tells about how people don't think about death and how his father was killed from all the violence in the street. Tyrone tries to fight from admitting he has a future but wants to stay in the hood. The word that can describe Tyrone's feelings is fearless because in the poem he says is too late to worry about innocence.
I can connect with this poem because of the way he describes where he lives, and it's similar to how people act now in the street. Sometimes kids feel like they don't have a future but then we realize there is hope for us even though theres so much discrimination and violence.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Richmond Leake, 53 Newstand Dealer

This poem is about a man that no one listened to, his teachers and wife didn't have time to listen because they were always too busy with they're own lives. I can infer that he was a black man because he worked for a white man and the white man was rich so he made sure Richmond didn't steal anything. Richmond must feel like he's isolated from people because no one listens to him and even though people think that hes crazy for talking to himself, but he thinks thats just fine. I think this poem means that it's o.k to ask you're self questions and find the answer you're self.

Monday, January 26, 2009

"We Thought"

He lived with nothing,
now has everything.
We thought it was unreal, it made no sense to hear.
A dream became reality, with many things to do.
We thought world's problem was to hard to fix,
but Obama rose and pledged "yes we can".
It can be done, we thought the possibilities,
now we accept
we know he can.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Test Prep Action Plan

My goal for test prep is to get a good score, I will do this by doing reading practice test to understand passage questions. To make sure I get a 3 on the test I'll use schema when I read and I'll also reread until I understand what I'm reading to answer the question. The type of questions on the ELA Exam are, main ideas, inference, vocabulary, passage questions. The hardest thing on the test for me is the essay, I think it's hard because it's hard to write a good long essay in a short amount of time.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

To My Parent

Dear Parent,

My biggest accomplishment in ELA so far this year is how well I read, also I've learned to understand big words by reading the surrounding text.
The unit so far that has been my best is the Freda Kahlo essay, it made me learn a lot about her life because I like doing research on famous people that effect another persons life. We've used technology this year in many ways, we use it to write essays and classwork assignments, we also use Blogging and Ning after reading a book or passage. Technology helps me learn and improve my reading and writing in away of doing research and knowing grammar. My goals this year are having a good average and learning more on understanding what i read, reading and writing is important to my future so i can have a good job, and also helps me in daily everyday life.